Uma Estratégia para Rerroteamento Pró-Ativo em Redes Ópticas Utilizando uma Infra-Estrutura de Gerência P2P

Reinaldo B. CorreiaAlexandre G. LagesLuci PirmezLisandro Z. GranvilleElias P. Duarte Jr. Rossana M. C. AndradeJosé N. SouzaVII Workshop de Testes e Tolerância a Falhas - Curitiba, PR, Brasil - 2006

Among the possible actions that may be employed in face of QoS constraint violations in optical networks based on GMPLS, rerouting flows have been considered a good choice. This work presents the application of a proactive rerouting strategy in optical networks based on the usage of redundant virtual circuits, allowing both full and partial rerouting depending on whether the broken virtual circuit is completely or partially replaced by the new one. This mechanism is implemented within a network management framework based on peers (called GigaManP2P), which is responsible for monitoring and triggering the process. Experimental results obtained from simultation are presented considering the static and dynamic aspects of real data networks.

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