Modeling Service Availability in Web Clusters Architectures

Magnos Martinello Mohamed Kaâniche Karama KanounVII Workshop de Testes e Tolerância a Falhas - Curitiba, PR, Brasil - 2006

Internet is often used for transaction based applications such as online banking, stock trading, among many others where the service outages are unacceptable. It is important for designers of such applications to analyze how hardware, software and performance related failures affect the quality of service delivered to the users. This paper presents analytical models for evaluating the service availability of web cluster architectures. A composite performance and availability modeling approach is defined considering various causes of service unavailability. In particular, web cluster systems are modeled taking into account: two recovery strategies (client transparent and non client-transparent).Sensitivity analysis results are presented to show their impact on the web service availability. The obtained results are aimed at providing useful guidelines to web designers.

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