MuNDDoS - Um Modelo de Referência para Desenvolvimento Distribuído de Software

Rafael PrikladnickiJorge Luis Nicolas Audy

More than a decade ago, seeking lower costs and access to skilled resources, many organizations began to experiment with remotely located software development facilities. Economic forces are relentlessly turning national markets into global markets and spawning new forms of competition and cooperation that reach across national boundaries. This change is having a profound impact not only on marketing and distribution but also on the way products are conceived, designed, constructed, tested, and delivered to customers. The number of organizations distributing their software development processes worldwide aiming at heightened profit and productivity as well as cost reduction and quality improvements keeps increasing. Engineers, managers, and executives face formidable challenges on many levels, from the technical to the social and cultural. This way, the purpose of this paper is to propose a reference model for distributed software development. The research method is case study and the empirical base involves two software development centers from two multinational organizations located in Brazil. The research, resulted from a master dissertation, contributes presenting empirical data and proposing a reference model for this area.

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