LuaSpace Plus: Um Ambiente Visual para Desenvolvimento de Aplicações CORBA

André Duarte de AlmeidaNélio CachoThais Batista

This paper describes a visual environment for the development of CORBA based applications named LuaSpace Plus. The main goals of this environment are to make easier the development process, to promote components reuse and to support dynamic reconfiguration of CORBA applications. In order to address these issues, LuaSpace Plus offers a graphical interface for the interactive development of CORBA based applications and tools based on CORBA to the dynamic selection of components and to include security functions in the applications. The interface includes a browser that shows the result of the dynamic selection process, it also allows to browser the CORBA repositories, it supports the configuration of security functions and attributes and it allows the automatic generation of parts of the application code from information selected and set at the graphical interface.

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