Reuso na Atividade de Teste para Reduzir Custo e Esforço de VV&T no Desenv. e na Reeng. de Software

Maria Istela CagninJosé Carlos MaldonadoAlessandra ChanRosangela PenteadFernão Germano

Pattern languages are used in the software development and reengineering, and they allow the reuse of problems solutions in a certain context. Most part of the efforts, in the projects, are spent with VV&T activities. The lack of those activities aggregated to pattern languages, makes difficult the reuse of testing requirements and, consequently, time and efforts reduction in the projects. For reducing that lack,this paper presents an approach composed by: a) a strategy, that defines and associates testing requirements to patterns of analysis pattern languages; b) guidelines, that support the software engineer to make decisions about which available testing requirements may be reused and instantiated for real test cases. The strategy, which defines the testing requirements of the proposed approach, has been applied to patterns of an analysis pattern language, used in the library legacy system reengineering.This paper presents the usage of this strategy in one of these patterns.

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