Um Processo de Reestruturação de Código Baseado em Aspectos

Ricardo RamosRosângela PenteadoPaulo Cesar Masiero

The great majority of Object Oriented systems (OO) have in its source code non-functional requirements entangled with functional requirements. Thus, the maintenance and expansion in those systems are difficult. The approach proposed in this paper, named Aspecting, helps to elicit the non functional requirements, called concerns, from OO system source code, for subsequently implementation of this system using the language that supports aspects, as for example AspectJ. Use cases and design class diagrams help the understanding of OO system functionalities. Guidelines are established for finding concerns, through the List of Supposed Concerns, and for modeling the concerns identified, using UML class diagram. Other guidelines govern the implementation of concerns as aspects. Three case studies had been used for the Aspecting approach creation.

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