Um Serviço CORBA para Descoberta de Componentes

Nélio CachoThais BatistaGledson Elias

Currently, CORBA relies on Naming Service, Trading Service and Interface Repository for discovering components. Although they offer important means to find out components, they present some constraints. First, they are independent from each other. Thus, to perform complex searches according to different criteria, the programmer should use them and combine their results. Second, these services only allow synchronous searching. Third, although the Trading Service groups objects with similar properties, it does not implement policies to favor load balancing. In this paper we describe a CORBA discovering service that provides a simple and uniform way to searching components according different criteria. This service allows the traditional synchronous searching invocation and also offers an asynchronous searching approach, in which a listener is invoked when new components that satisfy a given criterion are registered in the underlying repository. It also groups components with similar properties in a collection and applies a round-robin load balancing mechanism upon the collection.

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