Modelagem Ontológica no Apoio Modelagem Conceitual

Maria Lúcia VillelaAlcione de Paiva OliveiraJosé Luís Braga

Conceptual modeling is a core activity in systems analysis and design. The elicitation of concepts from the real world problem environment and their representation in a form suitable to be effectively used in information systems is the key to success in systems design and implementation. Although there are many theories and methods proposed to achieve good results in this activity, there still is a lack of formal and easy to use methods that could enhance the semantical adherence between a model and its real world counterpart. Ontological analysis is a promising technique to decrease this gap. It provides tools for thinking about knowledge and data structures and their mappings to models that will fit better to application needs. This paper presents a formal technique so called VERONTO, that provides the necessary tools to carry on ontological analysis based on ontological properties on a meta-level as related to the models themselves. The resulting model is represented as a class diagram Experimental results show that the use of VERONTO in existing application models eventually enhance them

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