Intercessão em tempo de implantação - uma abordagem reflexiva para a plataforma J2EE(tm)

Cristina V. P. B. SouzaCarlos Alberto Maziero

This paper presents an approach to use some features of computational reflection in the Java Platform for the Enterprise, the J2EE platform. Our main goal is to maintain the J2EE's environment consistency, and, at the same time, to enable the change of server components behavior, without modify their basic functionality - what characterizes beharioral reflection, or intercession. Consequently, it provides one more flexibility level on introducing control and / or on modifying the whole enterprise application functionality. In order to achieve such a goal, only the J2EE's application composition abilities are used. This approach is henceforth called Deploy-Time MOP (Meta-Object Protocol) - or more specifically, Deploy-Time Intercession.

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