Reengenharia de software orientada a componentes distribuídos

Edimilson Ricardo Azevedo NovaisAntonio Francisco do Prado

This paper presents a strategy for Distributed Components Oriented Software Reengineering for reconstruction of legacy systems. Components are used to facilitate the maintenance of the rebuilt system and to allow its execution in heterogeneous and distributed platforms. The strategy is executed in 5 steps. In the Organize Legacy Code step, the legacy source code is organized according to the principles of the object orientation. It’s a preparatory step to facilitate the transformation of a procedural code into an object oriented. In the Generate Objects Oriented Specifications step, the procedural code is transformed into first level specifications of the modeling language Catalysis. In the Specify Components step, the software engineer starts from the original project of legacy code, obtained of the first level specifications of Catalysis and specifies the components in a CASE tool, according to the second level of Catalysis. In the Project Components step, the software engineer does the components inner project, following the third level of Catalysis. Finally, in the Reimplement System step, the specifications in Catalysis are transformed into an object oriented programming language, getting the final implementation of system.

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