Um meta-modelo para especificação de arquiteturas de software em camadas

Lyrene SilvaVirgínia C. Carneiro de Paula

The growing complexity of the software systems has been leading the researchers and designers to create or improve techniques and methods for the development, in a way to increase the customers satisfaction and the designers productivity. The code reuse is no longer enough for the great demand for high quality software nor for their engineering. Developing components of high abstraction is necessary. However, reusing or integrating these components the others are tasks that demand an accurate work. The choice of a good architecture is the first point for thinking of. An expressive and complete representation of the system or parts of him is another crucial factor for the development of systems based on components reuse. This work presents a meta-model for the specification of layered software architectures. It facilite the comunication between architects and designers and the transformation of the architecture in software detailed design. This meta-model is the result of the integration of some technologies that are being broadly used by software developers: the UML (Unified Modeling Language), the concept of architectural styles, and the concept of views prioritizing the reusability.

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