A abordagem APSEE para modelagem e gerência de recursos em ambientes de processos de software

Carla Alessandra Lima ReisRodrigo Quites ReisHeribert SchlebbeDaltro José Nunes

This paper presents and discusses issues related to resource modeling and management in Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments (PSEEs). PSEEs and Workflow management systems constitute a special kind of software systems developed to coordinate tasks that frequently require limited resources. However, most of the underlying models do not allow precise resource specification, which constitute an obstacle for optimization and analysis of resource allocation. The APSEE approach is presented as a contribution to this field, describing the adopted resource model, the integration of this model to an existing PSEE, and a mechanism to assist resource instantiation for process activities. This paper also discusses some aspects related to the implementation of the proposed model, including comparisons to related work.

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