Implementing Framework Crosscutting Extensions with EJPs and AspectJ

Uirá KuleszaRoberta CoelhoVander AlvesAlberto Costa NetoAlessandro GarciaCarlos LucenaArndt von StaaPaulo Borba

In a previous work, we proposed a framework extension approach based on the use of a new concept, called Extension Join Points (EJPs). EJPs enable the framework systematic extension by means of variability and integration aspects. In this paper, we show how EJPs can be implemented using the mechanisms of the AspectJ language. To evaluate the usefulness of the EJPs in the framework extension process, we have used them in the development of three OO frameworks from different domains. As a result of our case studies, we present: (i) an initial categorization of different kinds of contracts between frameworks, EJPs and aspects which can be implemented in AspectJ; and (ii) a set of lessons learned when specifying the EJPs.

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