Component-Based Groupware Development Based on the 3C Collaboration Model

Marco Aurélio GerosaAlberto Barbosa RaposoHugo FuksCarlos José Pereira de Lucena

Groupware is evolutionary and has specific difficulties of development and maintenance. Its code normally becomes unstructured and difficult to evolve. In this paper, a groupware development approach based on components organized according to the 3C collaboration model is proposed. In this model, collaboration is analyzed based on communication, coordination and cooperation. Collaboration requirements, analyzed based on the 3C model, are mapped onto software components, also organized according to the model. The proposed approach is investigated as a case study to the development of the new version of the AulaNet environment. The environment’s code currently suffers from the aforementioned problems. In order to instantiate the environment’s communication services, 3C based component kits were developed for the case study. The components allow composition, re-composition and customization of services to reflect changes in the collaboration dynamics.

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