Geração automatizada de drivers e stubs de teste para JUnit a partir de especificações U2TP

Luciano B. BiasiKarin Becker

Testing has become essential to ensure the quality of software products. Within the test process, unit testing is performed on the smallest functional part of the software with the aim of discovering defects in these units. JUnit is a unit testing tool that helps developers in test automation and verification of the results. However, much time, cost and effort are spent on the programming of the necessary drivers and stubs, minimizing the benefits expected from its use. UML 2.0 Test Profile (U2TP) allows one to specify all test artifacts using a standard, high level and visual notation, which is independent of any specific programming language. This work addresses the automated generation of test drivers and stubs for JUnit, given a set of test cases specified with U2TP. The proposed models and algorithms were applied in a case study, and all corresponding test code was correctly generated.

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