Aspectual Connectors: Supporting the Seamless Integration of Aspects and ADLs

Thaís BatistaChristina ChavezAlessandro GarciaUirá KuleszaCláudio Sant’AnnaCarlos Lucena

With the emergence of Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD), there is a need to understand the adequacy of Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) connection abstractions for capturing the crosscutting nature of some architectural concerns. In this paper, we present the Aspectual Connector (AC), a special kind of architectural connector, as the only necessary enhancement to an ADL in order to support a seamless integration of AOSD and Software Architecture. We also present AspectualACME, an extension to ACME that incorporates ACs and additional facilities to modularize architectural crosscutting concerns. We use a Web-based information system as the main case study.

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