A Query Language for a Versioned Object Oriented Database

Rodrigo MachadoAlvaro Freitas MoreiraRenata de Matos GalanteMirella M. Moro

Many applications require that all data updates be stored on and retrieved from a database. Such requirement is supported on object oriented databases through versioning. While most related work focuses on different aspects of versions concepts, design modeling and efficient processing of versions, there is yet to be a precise definition of a query language for database systems with versions control. Therefore, we define a query language (called VOQL, Versioned Object Query Language) for an object oriented database with versioning support. VOQL extends ODMG and OQL for managing the evolution of different elements of the data. Besides the language main features, we provide the base of a formal definition for VOQL. Finally, we validate the proposed definition by implementing an interpreter for the language.

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