VisFluid: An Analysis Tool for Fluid Flow in Porous Media

Carlos Magno LimaLuiz Marcos GonçalvesCristiana BentesRicardo Farias

The study of fluid flow process through porous media has attracted much attention in geographical information systems due to its importance in petroleum and environmental applications, such as: groundwater assessment, soil hydrology and pollution analysis and oil exploration and recovery. In this work we propose an interactive tool, named VisFluid, that uses a simulation engine based on dynamic percolation method to model the fluid flow in porous media, and a visualization engine based on direct volume rendering techniques to provide images and animations of the tri-dimensional data generated. Our main goal here is to develop a complete tool for the study of fluid flow in geographical information systems that integrates the percolation simulation with the visualization, avoiding data conversion and I/O requirements. We apply our tool to the oil exploration and recovery application, obtaining satisfactory results.

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