Using Service-Oriented Architecture in Context-Aware Applications

Damião AlmeidaCláudio BaptistaElvis da SilvaCláudio CampeloCamilo NunesBruno da CostaWilkerson AndradeJairson Cabral

The enhancements in mobile device infrastructure enable the use of a location computer service while user is on the move; such systems are known as Location-Based Services (LBS). When these applications manage user profile and context, they are coined context-aware applications. In this paper we propose a service-oriented architecture for context-aware applications named Omnipresent. Omnipresent is based on well-established standards such as Web services, and those from the OpenGeoSpatial Consortium. Omnipresent offers several services including map presentation, routing, advertisement, and also works as a reminder tool. Users may use Omnipresent either by mobile devices or Personal Computers.

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