Interoperabilidade entre Objetos Geográficos Heterogêneos

Victor AzevedoMargareth MeirellesRodrigo FerrazAntônio Ramalho Filho

The absence of interoperability is a problem found when is necessary to use information available in institutions that generate or detain the spatial information. This paper describes a methodology to obtain the interoperability between heterogeneous and distributed geographic objects based on the utilization of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service specification (WFS), as a mechanism to make data formats uniform, and the utilization of the domain ontology, throw Ontology Web language (OWL), as a syntactic and semantic reference shared schema to integrate these objects. This approach allows a higher interoperability and is being applied to obtain soil information in the agro-ecological zoning project to dendê cultivation in Amazônia deforested areas, coordinated by Embrapa Solos.

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