Proposta de Um Simulador para Auxiliar no Processo de Ensino do Scrum

An Algorithm and Implementation for GeoOntologies Integration

Pedro Rauiz E. GestalRodolfo M. de Barros

Guillermo HessCirano IochpeSilvana Castano

This article proposes a short simulation model (two to four hours long simulations) for the teaching of Scrum and its roles. This simulation model possesses, as its focus, quick decision making and this decision's both positiveand negative feedback. It's proposed, alongside this model, a simulation creatorto be used by the teacher to create simulations that follow the proposed model.This article also briefly explores the possibility of a longer model of simulation, where the simulated project would also be implemented. Sharing information through the web is a practice that many organizations and users do daily. This generates a need of methodologies and tools for semantic integrating the obtained information. With the GIS community the scenario is not different, but the needs are a little different because of the particularities of the geographic data. In this paper we present G-Match, an algorithm and implementation for integration of geographic ontologies. Our proposal combines some mathematical foundations and existing technologies in order to achieve expressive results.

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