Utilização de Mapas Conceituais na Construção de Ambientes Virtuais de Aprendizagem

Paula Teixeira NakamotoEduardo K. TakahaschiElise B. MendesAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier Jr.

This article presents a system called Virtual Laboratory of Physics which is destined to Physics teaching, electric circuits, for students of the Medium School. The motivation of this work says respect to the small access that those students possess the laboratories of such a discipline in its schools. Using techniques of Virtual Reality, based on the technology of the Internet, the system simulates a virtual environment for physical experiments, at a low cost computational and financial. Furthermore, to ensure an environment with maintainable pedagogic characteristics, the paradigm of Conceptual Maps was used to help the student to organize and to adapt yourself, to the worked concepts. The article highlights the development strategy of the system and it presents an application of the laboratory in the creation and analysis of electric circuits.

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