Um novo retrato da Web brasileira

Marco ModestoÁlvaro R. Pereira Jr.Nivio ZivianiCarlos CastilloRicardo Baeza-Yates

The objective of this paper is to evaluate quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the Brazilian Web, matching present estimatives with estimatives from five years ago. Most of the Web content is dynamic and volatile, becoming the crawling of the total Web content a impracticable task. Thus, the evaluation process was performed over a sample of the Brazilian Web, crawled on March 2005. The results are consistently estimated, using an effective methodology. Many statistical data are presented. Among the main aspects observed in this work are the distribution of idioms of the pages, usage of open source versus private development tools for generation of dynamic pages, distribution of document formats, distribution of types of domains and the distribution of the links to external Web sites.

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