Sistemas de Rastreamento de Baixo Custo para Desktops

Alberto B. RaposoMarcelo GattassManuel E. LoaizaGustavo N. WagnerThiago A. Bastos

With the development of VR (Virtual Reality) technologies, several input and output devices have been created. There is a category of interaction devices that is becoming important due to the increasing availability of digital cameras. This kind of optical device uses the image captured by a set of digital cameras to track the position of objects and to provide positioning and orientation data for RV systems. This paper presents the development of two low-cost optical tracking devices with six degrees of freedom for desktop applications. The first device uses three webcams mounted on a box and detects the movements of a white marker over its black background. An alternative approach is also presented, using a single camera that, when moved by the user over a mark, works as a 3D mouse. Finally, the use of these devices in VR applications is presented.

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