Par_QoS: Uma Estratégia para Provimento de Computação Paralela em Ambientes Distribuídos de Propósito Geral

Marcelino P. S. SilvaRegiane Y. S. KawasakiLuiz Affonso H. G. de OliveiraCarlos R. L. FrancêsDiego L. CardosoMario M. TeixeiraJoão C. W. A. CostaLuiz D. C. Augusto

The increasing demand for Parallel Computing as a means to allow high performance processing has led to the development of several highly specialized computer architectures. This type of architectures, however, has some drawbacks, such as: (1) the high costs involved, and (2) the dedicated nature of these platforms, what usually creates a high degree of idleness. This work presents an architecture for the provision of parallel computing in conventional, non-dedicated, environments. This architecture, named Par_QoS, is based on the concepts of differentiated services so as to assure low response times, necessary to this type of computation.

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