Monitoring Bioinformatics Web services Requests and Responses through a Log Based Architecture

Sérgio Manuel Serra da CruzLinair Maria CamposAlberto M. R. DávilaPaulo F. PiresMaria Luiza M. Campos

Web services represents a significant advance towards data integration, especially in areas where this is a major problem, like Bioinformatics. However, besides platform and data interoperability e-scientists need to monitor their in silico experiment. Those researchers use to work in a team, frequently repeating those experiments, adjusting their parameters in order to obtain more sensible results or performance improvements according to the problem they are trying to address. In many cases, the record of those experiments is achieved in a manual and standalone way, which gives raise to flaws or efforts redundancy in the experiment knowledge acquisition process. In order to avoid those issues e-scientists need to confront the parameters used with their correspondent response. Logging facilities have been used as grounding for recording information describing Web servers and other applications activity. However, current logging approaches do not treat Web services responses. This paper presents a Web services logging architecture based on chains of intermediaries that captures comprehensive services usage information. This architecture can be applied to improve Bioinformatics experiments by providing feedback on services behavior against parameter tuning as well as on quality of services. We explore a particular Bioinformatics scenario, using a publicly available Web service, based on one of the most widespread program used in genomics analysis nowadays.

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