Estratégias para Localização em um Ambiente de Computação Móvel

Daniel Torres BonattoFelipe KellermannJorge Luís Victória BarbosaJosé Dirceu G. RamosGerson Geraldo H. Cavalheiro

Mobile computing is motivating the appearance of applications that incorporate a new class of problems. Among such applications, there are those which are capable to bring computing to a wide range of physical spaces, democratizing e amplifying people�s access to computational resources. Different environments have been proposed as infra-structure for these new applications. Among those is MHolo, an implementation of the Holoparadigm to support mobile computing. Holoparadigm offers a programming model where basic execution units share information through mutual service invocation and access to shared memory spaces. Within its distributed and dynamic structure, the various instances of its operational support need an efficient locating mechanism, providing resources to supply the communication and synchronization needs of executing applications. This paper presents an analysis of Holoparadigm particularities for creating such mechanism in MHolo and its implementation. The results are discussed by making performance analysis over synthetic applications.

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