Disseminando Informações na Arquitetura ISAM

Maurício C. MoraesLuciano C. da SilvaAlberto E. S. FilhoIara AugustinAdenauer C. YaminCláudio F. R. Geyer

One of the most valuable thing in society is information. Even more valuable then information is its scalable and efficient dissemination for use on different areas. Due to it, information dissemination is being researched in the ISAM project. The architecture proposed by the ISAM project presents a platform to the development and to the execution of pervasive applications. DIMI (Information Multicast Disseminator) is an information dissemination service designed to the ISAM architecture. DIMI seeks mainly to obtain scalability, avoiding bottlenecks formation while accepting new consumers on a channel. Besides the search for scalability, this service outfits other necessary characteristics of the computation environment proposed by the ISAM architecture, as planned disconnection support and user mobility support.

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