Towards a Goal-Oriented Requirements Methodology Based on the Separation of Concerns Principle

Geórgia Maria C. de SousaJaelson F. B. Castro

One of the most important principles in Software Engineering is the separation of concerns. When this principle is correctly applied, it helps to promote comprehensibility, maintainability and reusability of software system artifacts. However, often, crosscutting requirements are specified in a scattered and tangled fashion. Therefore, in order to produce better requirements specifications, this paper presents a Goal-oriented REquirements Methodology founded on the Separation of Concerns principle. We named this methodology GREMSoC. It intends to better manipulate with crosscutting requirements in Requirements Engineering process providing a way to represent crosscutting requirements apart from the requirements they affect and to specify the composition between them in a noninvasive way. A case study of an Internet Banking System illustrates the use of this methodology

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