An Agile Reverse Engineering Process based on a Framework

Maria Istela CagninJosé Carlos MaldonadoFernão Stella R. GermanoPaulo Cesar MasieroAlessandra ChanRosângela De

This paper presents an agile reverse engineering process, referred to as PARFAIT/RE, which has been abstracted from the use of a framework-based agile reengineering process, named PARFAIT3. The proposition of PARFAIT/RE has been evidenced from an analysis done in a reengineering case study of a medium size system. Several factors collaborate to make PARFAIT/RE agile: a) active participation of legacy system users to validate the artifacts created and to suggest new requirements or the removal of requirements that do not belong to the business context; b) incremental approach; c) prototyping paradigm feasible from the framework instantiation; and d) use of an analysis pattern language (GRN), which was the basis for building the GREN framework. GRN belongs to the business resource management domain and supports object oriented modeling of procedural legacy systems. The analysis models created are used to support the framework instantiation

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