Crafting Saliente WEB Scenarios using Priorities

Davide Bolchini

Scenarios are effective conceptual tools for requirements elicitation, analysis, and evaluation. However, choosing salient scenarios is one of the major problems of scenario-based web design. On one hand, due to the partiality of scenarios, it is often difficult to envision up-front all the scenarios necessary to cover every interaction capability to be designed for the site. On the other hand, drastically limiting ex ante the number of scenarios may mislead the design because of the risk of missing the coverage of crucial website requirements. This paper introduces a simple technique that enables reasoning about salient scenarios on the basis of the importance of the user profiles, the main stakeholders and their goals. Users and site main stakeholders assign priorities to user profiles and user goals; scenarios are then elaborated on the basis of the profiles and goals with the highest priorities. Advantages and limits of the approach are discussed by means of examples excerpted from a case study

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