Closing the Gap between Organizational Modeling and Information System Modeling

Alicia MartínezOscar PastorHugo Estrada

The creation of a conceptual schema is a critical feature of the software production process. The conceptual schema should represent the structure and behavior of the information system so that the users can perform their organizational tasks. For this reason, the organizational context needs to be the starting point for the generation of an initial conceptual schema. This approach allows us to assure that the functionality of the information system will be equivalent to the tasks that are executed in the business. However, only a few research studies offer a systematic approach for carrying out the equivalence between models. In this paper, a methodological approach for deriving conceptual schemas from TROPOS business models is presented. The resultant conceptual schema will be the input of the OO-Method Case Tool, which implements the automatic software production process. By doing this, we go a step further in the process of including business modeling as a key piece in the software production process

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