Using Quality Models for Assessing COTS Selection

P. BotellaX. BurguésJ.P. CarvalloX. FranchC. Quer

We present in this paper a framework embracing different aspects involved in COTS component selection that influence the success of this activity. Playing a crucial role in this framework appears the concept of quality model, aimed at structuring the description of the quality of COTS components. We propose a methodology for building quality models based on the ISO/IEC 9126-1 standard which allows to create hierarchies of models appropriate for categories and domains of COTS components, and also for particular contexts of COTS selection activities. Such quality models facilitate the expression and refinement of quality requirements during COTS selection. We present also a formal notation for expressing these quality models, the quality requirements and the product descriptions themselves; the notation supports model analysis and makes feasible tool support during COTS selection. Last, we enumerate at the conclusions some issues matter of current and future research

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