Support for Structuring Mechanism in the Integration of Organizational Requirements and Object Orien

F.M.R. AlencarG.A.A. Cysneiros FilhoJ.F.B. Castro

The success of computer applications depends on a good understanding of the organizational environment. Requirement modeling techniques may be used to help to understand the organizational process. In recent years, we have observed a growing influence of the object-orientation paradigm. Unfortunately the dominant technique of object oriented modeling UML (Unified Modeling Language) is ill equipped to represent the organizational requirements. We advocate the use of the i* technique to model organizational requirements in terms of the organizational relationships among the several organizational actors, as well as a means for understanding the rationale for the decision-making. In this paper we discuss some improved guidelines for the integration of early and late requirements specifications. We also present a prototype tool (GOOD - Goal Object Oriented Development) which support the mapping of i* organizational models stored in a Telos repository by the OME tool into UML elements modeled by the Rational Rose tool

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