Capturing Web Application Requirements through Goal-Oriented Analysis

D. BolchiniP. Paolini

New conceptual tools for effectively supporting the activity of requirements analysis of web applications are needed. Current approaches and model in Requirements Engineering (RE) can be tailored and extended in order to cope with the following distinctive features of interactive and hypermediaintensive web applications: a) high-level communication and business goals have to be addressed and carefully analyzed as an integral part of requirements management; b) goals and needs of the stakeholders need to be tied up with design in a coherent fashion, bridging the current gap between requirements and hypermedia specifications; c) lightweight, usable and informal models are needed for web designers and analysts with no engineering background. Starting from key achievements in RE this paper introduces a light-weight methodology blending goal-directed RE and scenario-based techniques. The core elements of the methodology will be illustrated through a real project experience

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