Requirements Elicitation Using a Combination of Prototypes and Scenarios

Markus MannioUolevi Nikula

A survey of different types of prototypes and current prototyping methods is presented. Especially the usage of prototypes with use cases and scenarios is investigated, and an approach to requirements engineering combining the systematic use of prototyping and use cases is described. The approach consists of repeated prototype demonstration sessions with stakeholders in which use cases represented by multimedia prototypes are demonstrated. The prototypes are presented in a context familiar to the stakeholders and the use cases and prototypes are refined based on stakeholder feedback for subsequent iterations of prototyping. The purpose of the method is to aid in eliciting requirements from a diverse group of stakeholders. A small case study demonstrating the approach is described where the method is used to elicit the initial requirements for a mobile payment system for car parking fees. The results of the study are discussed and recommendations for future work are presented

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