On the Design of the Seljuk-Amoeba Operating Environment

Francisco Vilar BrasileiroSheila Regine Almeida VasconcelosÉrica de Lima GallindoVladimir Soares Catão

Building dependable distributed applications is not an easy task. Designers of such systems have followed two complementary approaches to reduce design complexity, namely: i) the use of appropriate developing tools; and ii) the choice of the most restrictive failure semantics possible for the components that form the system’s underlying execution layer. The Seljuk model uses these two approaches to specify a structured way of providing fault tolerance services in the context of distributed operating environments, thus facilitating the construction and execution of dependable distributed applications. In this paper we present the design of the Seljuk-Amoeba operating environment, which follows the Seljuk model to enhance the Amoeba distributed operating system with the provision of fault tolerance services

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