A Fault Tolerant Colored Petri Net Model for Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Tomaz C. BarrosJorge C.A. de FigueiredoAngelo Perkusich

This paper introduces an approach based on Colored Petri Nets (CPN) to systematically introduce fault-tolerance in the design of a supervisor for a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). The system is modeled by means of Place/Transition nets and then is structurally reduced, resulting in a CPN that is independent of a specific production route. The introduction of fault tolerance in the design of such a supervisor considers both forward recovery and backward recovery. For forward recovery we anticipate faults in resources in a production route and reschedule the production routes for production orders before the faulty resource is reached. The backward recovery is considered at the level of a resource in such a way that when a faulty resource is fixed, the operation restarts on the last consistent operation executed

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