Mirroring Resources in the World Wide Web

Francisco Vilar BrasileiroTércio E. de Albuquerque FonsêcaRaquel Meneses da Costa

One of the main problems faced by the users and service providers of the World Wide Web is that of a broken link in a hypertext, normally caused by the unavailability of a particular resource. The introduction of redundancy is the key mechanism to solve this problem. Unfortunately, the current infrastructure of the Web is based on a resource identification scheme that maps a resource identifier on a unique physical location; this scheme does not favour the implementation of a support for the replication of Web resources. In this paper we discuss how URNs (Uniform Resource Names), a resource identification scheme proposed by a special work group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), can be employed to implement a support for the mirroring of Web resources. Our proposal is based on the implementation of a proxy and a gateway that together allow conventional browsers and servers to access and manage mirrored resources transparently, allowing the provision of highly available Web resources

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