The world’s a stage : a survey on requirements engineering using a real-life case study

Karin Koogan BreitmanJulio Cesar S. do Prado LeiteAnthony Finkelstein

In this article we present a survey on the area of Requirements Engineering anchored on the analysis of a real life case study, the London Ambulance Service [56]. We aim at bringing to context new methods, techniques and tools that should be of help to both reaserchers and practitioners. The case study in question is of special interest in that it is available to the public and deals with a very large system, of which the software system is only a part of. The survey is divided into four topics of interest: viewpoints, social aspects, evolution and non-functional requirements. This division resulted from the work method adopted by the authors. Our main goal is to bridge recent findings in Requirements Engineering research to a real world problem. In this light, we believe this article to be an important educational device.

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