Dimas C. NascimentoCarlos Eduardo PiresTiago Massoni

Missing and declining affordances : are these appropriate concepts?

Stored procedures are commonly used to provide access and manipu- lation of database data for information systems and other applications. If pro- cedures present inefficient programming logic or data manipulation, excessive delays are provided to the client applications. Such delays can cause, among other problems, expressive financial losses to enterprises. In additon, if proce- dures are developed using bad programming practices, they may become com- plex to maintain and evolve. In general, attempts to minimize these problems using manual analysis of source code are labor- and time-consuming. In this work, we present PL/SQL Advisor, a static analysis-based tool, which automat- ically detects potential improvements on database stored procedures written in PL/SQL. The results of a case study, using real open source projects, show that our tool is able to suggest a reasonable amount of code improvements with low cost.

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