Dynamic Reconfiguration Behavior Using Generic FPGAs and FPIDs

Romanelli Lodron ZuimClaudionor J. Nunes Coelho JúniorLuiz Fernando Etrusco MoreiraAntônio Otávio FernandesJosé Monteiro da MataDiógenes Cecílio da Silva Jr.

Reconfigurable computers have demonstrated performance advantages over general-purpose processors for some classes of problems. However, some problems need hardware changes while in operation. A technique where a dynamic reconfiguration behavior was achieved using generic FPGA devices is shown in this work. A prototype of a reconfigurable tool for the development of applications was implemented in PC104 (IEEE) bus format for embedded applications. It uses a FPGA (field programmable gate array) and a FPID (field programmable interconnect device) responsible for logic and routing respectively.

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