High-Performance RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits in Advanced Logic CMOS Technology: The Coming of Age for RF/Digital Mixed-Signal System-on-a-Package

Luiz Franca-Neto

Summary form only given. This tutorial presents recent developments in CMOS device and circuit technology, which enable the disruptive ascent of CMOS logic technology to the forefront of high performance RF/microwave communication circuit and system designs, fully integrated with high performance digital processors on the same die. Device level characteristics of CMOS and bipolar are compared vis-a-vis, and their meaning to circuit design and system performance are analyzed. Circuit level solutions to compensate for intrinsic drawbacks on logic CMOS technology are introduced and their adequacy to RF/microwave wireless integrated system stressed. New CMOS-compatible structures, already available as deep Nwell implants, are shown to be the only required device level addition to advanced CMOS processes to enable mixed-signal integration. The tutorial concludes with a prelude of what is ahead and where very promising research and product developments are likely to come from.

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