Building Web Service Interfaces using Predicate Path Expressions

Cheik BaMirian Halfeld-FerrariMartin Musicante

Recent proposals in the domain of interface description for web services stress the dynamic or behavioural aspects of the service, but they typically have no clearly defined semantics. The goal of this paper is to introduce a new interface description language, called PEWS, that uses predicate path expressions to define web service behaviours. Our proposal represents a simple but expressive way to describe order and conditional constraints over web service operations. In this paper, we use action semantics to present the syntax and semantics of the most significant parts of PEWS and we introduce XPEWS, the XML-based version of PEWS used to publish service behaviours for future searches and composition. Given an XPEWS service description and the implementation of its individual operations, our proposal includes the possibility of an automatic implementation of the service. PEWS aims to be used not only in the specification of simple web service but also as a tool for describing service compositions.

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