Is Open Source CAD Software the Way for Innovation?

Meryem Marzouki

Linux Operating System is probably the best success story of Open-source software. However, the Open Source software concept is now becoming mature after more than twenty years of development, addressing many fields of Computer Science and even breaking out into the commercial world. What is the situation in the EDA field? What could be the various scenario for CAD software development? What role could be played by University and Public Research Centers?This panel will present some case studies of Open Source CAD Software, and will discuss the following related issues in the EDA field: Should public research results always be disseminated as Open Source Software ? How could Intellectual Property be guaranteed for Open Source software ? To which extent Open Source software can increase Innovation ? Is Open Source software an incentive to or a brake upon start-up companies creation and development ? What is the current legal situation regarding software patenting in different parts of the world ? What could be the role of International Societies like IEEE in an Open Source CAD Software dissemination project?

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