A Multi-Functional Cell for CMOS Analog Applications in Low-Voltage

Chi-Hung LinM. IsmailTales C. PimentaLaércio Caldeira

This paper describes how to implement three basic CMOS analog cells for low-voltage applications. The three analog cells were obtained from the same basic core cell. The cells are a V-I converter of high precision, a squarer circuit and a multiplier circuit. The core cell presents an almost rail-to-rail differential-input signal and a very low signal distortion. The THD of the core cell is less than 1% for a 3V. The input signal of the core cell is in the form of a differential voltage and the output is in the form of current. The multiplier is implemented using two modified V-I converters. These basic analog cells can find a wide range of applications in signal processing circuits, communication circuits among others.

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