Hardware/Software Specification, Design and Test using a System Level Approach

O. P. DiasJ. SemiãoC. E. PereiraI. M. TeixeiraJ. P. Teixeira

The purpose of this paper is to present an environment that allows the reliable, in-time system specification and design of complex hardware/software (hw/sw) systems. The Object Oriented (OO) paradigm underlies models, methodologies, languages and tools. Three different tools are available. SIMOO,a CASE tool is used during analysis and specification phases, and as a simulator after architecture generation. SysObj is used for architecture generation and quality assessment. Test-Adder is used for architecture reconfiguration in order to incorporate Design For Testability (DFT) techniques. A case study (a design of soft wrappers for a PIC embedded core in a SOC (System-on-a-Chip)) is used to ascertain the usefulness of the environment.

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