Real Estate Value at Porto Alegre City Using Artificial Neural Networks

Adelmo CechinAntonio SoutoMarco Aurélio González

This work focuses on the MLP Neural Network in order to solve the problem of an apartment's monetary worth appraisement at the Porto Alegre city (south Brazil). Many factors are involved in this calculation, like the size of the apartment, the environment conditions of the site, the actual conservation state of the apartment, the neighborhood; its geographical localization in the city, etc. Two data bases where investigated: the first one is a list of apartments for sale and the second one is a list of apartments for rent. The analysis was performed with the use of both Linear Regression and Neural Network methods, with the purpose of comparison. The last one was used mainly to model the strong non-linearities due to the geographical position of the apartments, since there is not a linear monotonic relation between position and value.

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