Jerusa MarchiEdson R. de Pieri

Fault Detection and Isolation in Robotic Manipulators and the Radial Basis Function Network Trained by the Kohonen's Self-Organizing Map

The navigation of autonomous mobile robots is a layer between the motors and sensors control and the task planning. There are three approaches for the autonomous navigation's problem: the planning approach that simplify the problem using a statical model of the environment; a sensor-based approach that able the autonomous mobile robot to act in dinamic environments; and the last one, the hibrid approach that joint the best features of planning and sensor-based approaches. The latter supplies an inteligent behavior, with learning and adaptive capabilities that able the robot to act in a real environment. In this article we describe this approaches and presents an implementation using classical and conectionist technicals of artificial intelligence. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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