Mineração de Regras de Associação Multirrelação em Grafos: Direcionando o Processo de Busca

Felipe A. de OliveiraRaquel L. CostaRonaldo R. GoldschmidtMaria C. Cavalcanti

Nowadays, the Web of Data is a highly diverse and rich source of in-formation. One of its great challenges lies in extracting useful information thatleads to knowledge and advancement in the scientific area. The data mining algorithms help in the process of knowledge discovery, based on different searchstrategies. However, in general, they produce a considerable amount of rules,which are difficult to manipulate by the user. In this work, we present an adaptation of the MRAR algorithm based on the search mask concept, which is usedto direct the mining process in order to find rules that can really be useful to theuser in a shorter time.

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